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Stay Connected With ComQi

It seems to us that lines are being drawn, perhaps they always were, with various vendors lining up in distinct groups – one smarty pants wrote in saying it was the ‘Dutch Mafia’ organising the UK Digital Signage Roadshow [1] – i.e AOpen, NDS and Philips and at the same time that we were breaking that news an email arrived from ComQi telling us what they would be exhibiting at next week’s @NECShowcase [2].

We quote “ComQi will showcase its end to end solution tailored to specific verticals by offering Connected Experiences to the Digital Signage industry”.

That email referenced in Retail:-

And in the Entertainment vertical, ComQi will offer live demos of its ScreenGate IP Streaming, which allows flawless distribution of high resolution content form the player to the screen, with concrete examples of applications through our case studies.

ONELAN, Scala, sedao will also be there as well (for a complete list of partners at the showcase click here [3])