Will Amscreen Win BPTV?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We believe that there are only two vendors left in the race to win BPTV, see ‘Blighted RFP Sighted Over UK and US

One of the contenders we can definitely confirm is Amscreen – a rumour we talked about back in August when the company first came into being (when Sir Alan Sugar purchased a controlling stake in Comtech M2M)

If you remember we weren’t very polite about the BPTV RFP, the process itself or the thinking behind it – BP as a brand wanted to have its cake (big time) and eat it as we might say and certainly the vast majority of all vendors and potential suppliers who looked at the RFP, ripped it up, threw it in the bin and firmly offered no bid.

Some of the revenue guarantees in any new BPTV network, unless they have changed, will be incredibly onerous.

We’ve been consulting on a number of other forecourt projects across Europe these last few months and it has just shown us what a real shame this is – with a brand like BP and done properly this could really be a very, very good showcase network for the industry BUT of course we feel that both parties (i.e BP as well) need to contribute to make it a success.

Either way it will be interesting to see how this plays out in early 2009.

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