Former Avanti Screenmedia CEO buys 2.97% of company

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I guess he is taking advantage of the share price movement – it swings up and down more than you can ever imagine – one minute 5p the next 12p (it was also at the heady heights of 28p for a few hours a month back) but David John Williams, the former Avanti Screenmedia CEO recently 1.21 million shares in the company.

This equates to 2.97 percent of the company and I personally think this is a big vote of confidence in the company.

David J Williams is of course the chief executive of Avanti Communications Group PLC (the satellite ‘bit’ – i.e. a media and telecommunications company), the earlier-this-year demerged unit of Avanti Screenmedia.

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