Signage, DOOH & (Harris) Broadcast Too

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In the middle of March just after #dse2012 we wrote a bold piece, Harris To Shut Its Signage / DOOH Division? we said after hearing plenty of rumours in Lost Wages and talking to several consultants looking for their next meal ticket and seeing more than the usual amount of resumes on the streets.

The people involved (consultants and staff) obviously knew something was up due to the speed in which they were all trying to negotiate their exit but I wonder if they knew the enormity of what lay ahead as news just in is that Harris is in actual fact attempting to sell off its entire Broadcast Division.

The Harris statement said that it has increasingly seen its growth come from the defense/military sector, and said:-

  • the business of making equipment and supplies for radio and TV stations “is no longer aligned with the company’s long-term strategy.”
  • we need another war to increase our profits

At this moment in time we are not sure who might want to buy an entire Broadcast business and we doubt very much that the digital signage business would be of interest to any purchaser (especially with the DDN 7-Eleven business so dependent, or as Sixteen:Nine’s Dave Haynes so eloquently put it “I don’t know, but can’t possibly imagine the 7-Eleven TV thing being anything but an enormous ball and chain”).

Dave and ourselves are also in agreement, where he says “Digital signage is a teeny business unit so it might survive, might get wound down. Unfortunately, my money would be on the latter”.

So that’s it then, many vendors will rub their hands with Summer Glau some glee and say “Another One Bites The Dust”.

Okay it didn’t really say that, we made it up, Ed

One Response to “Signage, DOOH & (Harris) Broadcast Too”

  1. John DOOH Says:

    I personally don’t see how it is anyone’s advantage to see another DOOH network not succeed. Having said that, it is unlikely that every system integrator and signage operator are going to gather around the fire and sing….well you know.

    What anyone that is in this business can hope for is that those that are at the top of this business will at some point negotiate good consulting positions to help others build successful enterprises instead of trying to defeat them.

    This may take some time………but in the end it would be to everyone’s benefit.

    John DOOH

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