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#ScreenmediaExpo First-of-its-Kind NFC Showcase

The NFC Showcase (which by the way we were party to, in encouraging to exhibit) at #ScreenmediaExpo is seemingly coming together rather nicely.

It’s a technology relevant to DOOH for sure, yet something our industry probably doesn’t know enough about AND this particular showcase is a first-of-its-kind at a digital signage or DOOH event (we know of no other event that has brought as many NFC parties to the table).

To us, it’s getting exciting for sure and we think will bring many more than usual OOH folks out to Earls Court to take a look (remember, there’s also the NFC London ‘Meet Up’ hosted By @nfcbootcamp as well on the early Wednesday evening [1]).

There is certainly a lot to look at, here’s a list of those taking part: –

  1. Flomio– Flomio is a hardware and software platform that makes it easy to build NFC and RFID enabled applications.  With our software client, tags, readers and developer API, we extend the web into the physical world.  

    In the past, businesses wanting to optimize workflows with RFID had to hire expensive consultants and disrupt their operations with lengthy integrations.  Flomio solves this problem by offering these technologies as a web service.  

    Now in-house IT staff, point-and-click admins, and other DIY-types can reap the rewards of NFC and RFID without large investments in training and infrastructure.  Just open an account, configure a project, order hardware, and plug it all in.  It’s as simple as setting up a home router or DVR.  

    For those wanting to create more custom experiences, use our helper libraries and REST API to dynamically control device behavior from your own web application.

  2. Poken– ‘Poken: Collect People and Things, With a Touch’. Poken [2], a leading Content Management System for NFC, is revolutionizing the event industry with its innovative touch marketing platform, a set of tools that use Near Field Communication to help generate high quality leads. 

    Poken provides a richer experience for consumers as they collect product information, video, or other media by touching smart tags, and as they exchange and spread content through social media.
    Using Poken’s online customization tools, an event exhibitor can configure a social media campaign enhanced with NFC, without having any technical knowledge.  Marketers create interactive experiences for people to engage with their marketing materials using our gaming engine, and they measure the impact of the information they spread, both offline and online.
    Trade-shows, corporate events, and proximity marketing campaigns benefit from using our web-based campaign configuration toolkit, and NFC+ products.

  3. Identive– Identive is focused on building the world’s signature company in Secure ID. We provide a range of offerings along the value chain of identification-based technologies – from core RFID components to fully integrated identity management systems.  Our products, software, systems and services address the markets for identity management, physical and logical access control, near field communications (NFC) and a host of RFID-enabled applications. Our customers include national, state and local governments and leading companies in the enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare and transportation sectors. We operate globally with employees on five continents.
  4. NFC EngineNFC engine [3] is a leading Central European solutions integrator established in 2011 to support customers in the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets with innovative mobile services powered by NFC and RFID technologies.
  5. Get-SnackGet-Snack [4] is a module that has been developed by Get-Voice (a Dutch based telecom operator). The Get-Snack module enables any electronic device to accept payments with your mobile phone or NFC tag. Often used in vending machines. The payments methods currently supported are PRC (in 93 countries), Operator Billing, NFC or any on-line wallets systems (PayPal).
  6. Blue ButterflyBlue Butterfly Digital [5] have developed a revolutionary new means for businesses to offer WiFi to their customers and help build their online business profile too. 

    Using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as a way of linking commercial WiFi to Social Media platforms with just a simple tap to WiFi.

    It simplifies connecting to social media sites such as Foursquare and Facebook within social environments such as cafe’s, bars and hotels.

  7. SMARTRACSMARTRAC [6] is a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of RFID components for a broad bandwidth of applications in all current frequency standards. We produce ready-made as well as customized transponders for fields of application such as public transport, access control, RFID-based car immobilizers, animal identification, libraries, industry, and logistics. 

SMARTRAC is the global market leader in high-quality RFID inlays for electronic passports (e-Passports) and contactless credit cards (e-Payment) as well as for RFID transponders for public transport applications.
  8. Merchant360Merchant360, Inc. [7] is the leader in Point of Sale development and integration with specialty in mobile contactless and Near Field Communication Solutions.

    We at Merchant360 believe that everyone should have the ability to leverage the point of sale or point of interaction as a resource for engagement.

    Your goals are our primary concern as we help you to define, design, develop, integrate, and deliver engagement experiences for your customers.

  9. NFC BootcampThe NFC Bootcamp™ [8] is an educational series that features – Learn How to Market with NFC: Creating Effective Marketing Strategies Using Near Field Communication and How to Develop an NFC Application™.  The NFC Bootcamp is the first internationally standardized training program of its kind and brings together the most knowledgeable and respected leaders in the NFC industry to share their expertise and insights.  It also features the NFC Showcase™ which highlights real-world, hands-on demos of NFC technology at work from the key companies in the NFC Ecosystem.   Current cities where you can attend an NFC Bootcamp include London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta and Prague with more cities being added soon.
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2 Comments To "#ScreenmediaExpo First-of-its-Kind NFC Showcase"

#1 Comment By Steve Gurley On 3 May 2012 @ 15:10 @674

Want to know more about NFC. Attend the NFC Bootcamp. You will also want to look at this newly released white paper: [9]
My most recent blog post would be a good place to start prior to reading the white paper: [10]

My thanks to those who peer-reviewed the white paper prior to its release:
Rob Sabella, NFC Bootcamp
Dan Trigub, Blue Bite
Drew Nathanson, VDC Research
Don Tait, IMS Research
Samir Agarwal, Nokia

#2 Comment By Richard Grundy On 5 May 2012 @ 12:09 @548

What I think is really interesting about NFC and Digital Signage is the ability to personalize the experience for consumers. Very much like Amazon provides relevant suggestions and allows you to comment/like items of interest, interactive advertising has the power of doing the same. NFC is the key for a pleasant experience. Flomio (www.flomio.com) provides broad hardware support, auto-filling, session control, and an HTML/CSS/JS viewer to let you build your own context-relevant digital signage solution. What’s best is you can connect it directly to your CMS in seconds.