Gesture Control For Sony’s Digital Signage Software

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this year software startup InDisplay Interactive developed a gesture control plugin which works with a depth sense camera (such as the Asus Xtion Pro or Microsoft Kinect) for Sony’s Ziris digital signage software (why Ziris I hear you ask when there are more widely used and frankly much better digital signage software out there).

The video here illustrates what it’s all about (it’s actually a bit boring and seven minutes long but it’s worth a fast forward look through)…

Richard Biswell tells us that “Sony’s digital signage product Sony Ziris View Professional has an API allowing developers to write digital signage widgets or controls using Microsoft’s WPF technology” but then any digital signage platform worth its salt will have different access points in it to allow for third party integration.

This sort of innovation though is exactly the sort we had in mind with OpenSplash and we’d love to see more gesture folks work with a truly open signage platform.

See also The Microsoft® Accelerator for Kinect which will give them a bit of competition.

InDisplay’s Richard Biswell was one of the Sony Ziris development team

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