Intel Invites Select Group To Event (Doesn’t Tell Anyone) And Not Very ‘Select’ After All

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Intel’s goal is to continue to facilitate a frank exchange among industry leaders on the positive role in-store digital media plays in strengthening consumer engagement and becoming an indispensable enabler of great consumer experiences in the store” says the Intel blurb that we were not sent.

Mind you, we are in good company in not receiving an invite.

We spoke to a dozen prominent folks in the European industry today and only found one (actually not even that prominent) who even knew about the event next Tuesday afternoon, May 15th at the Shakespeare Globe (in case you wanted to know).

Just in case you thought you were missing out you probably aren’t…

  1. There’s no indication or news on who the so-called panel of experts are
  2. Intel have plumped with a traditional journalist who-knows-nothing-about-the-industry as a moderator of said panel of so-called experts. A certain Emily Maitlis (who’s fee will be a good five figures) but at least she’s relatively good eye candy

If Intel wants to p*** off as many of its hardware and software partners as it possibly can it’s obviously going about it the right way, the invite says it is “a by-invitation-only event for a select group of retail marketing and technology leaders” – so ‘select’ then that the ‘technology leaders’ we know who are making a difference to the industry don’t even know about it. No doubt the event will be full of cheaps, sperrings and various hangers-on.

Here’s what we are all missing out on… “We are planning to have an engaging and highly interactive program, followed by an evening of great food and wine. As part of the event, we will share with you how in-store digital media is currently being deployed worldwide, hoping to inspire you to new ideas“.

As Intel say The Future of In-Store Digital Media – Tuesday 15th May – an event not to be missed unless you are not invited of course!!!

5 Responses to “Intel Invites Select Group To Event (Doesn’t Tell Anyone) And Not Very ‘Select’ After All”

  1. A M Dooh Says:

    And this surprises you why?

    Why would they engage with people whose knowledge is at odds with Intel’s marketing agenda? Better to place filtered pap as expert insight in the non-trade press and then reprint it ad nauseum. As long as it presses the case for overpriced chips, it meets their needs. I believe it is called content management.

    Wear the snub as a badge of honor.

  2. Ben Gurion Says:

    My bet is that YCD are behind this somehow. Their Marketing Director was all over Elaine Cook at the Intel OPS event last month.

  3. MarketingMaven Says:

    There was a similar event two years ago at the Globe. While it wasn’t much about digital merchandising it turned out to be a fabulous wine-tasting event.

  4. Phil Austin Says:

    What is an Industry expert. Is that someone who builds junk for a market they have no idea about, or perhaps someone who has worked for a company that has installed tens of thousands of screens but had no personal input themselves ( good on your CV when you leave said company).
    I have laughed at all this nonsense since 1996 and it still makes me chuckle.
    BTW, ticking off time. You should not call that young lady ” Eye candy”. Stunning is good enough.
    Phil Austin
    BTW, I do not do anonymous so print my name, i will take the flak.

  5. Tom Milner Says:

    Always good to see Phil sitting on that fence! 😀

    Come out and say what you really mean Phil! 😀

    In all seriousness, I’d love to see a Top100 DOOH ‘Movers and Shakers’ so that perhaps companies like Intel could actually invite those guys along to this sort of event to perhaps make it worthwhile?

    ‘Crosses fingers he’s on the Top 100!’ 😀

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