Does Scala have 35% of the digital signage market?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week Scala Inc announced that the research group Frost & Sullivan (usually a very good arbiter of our market place) gave Scala a 35.4 percent worldwide market share of the digital signage software industry.

Is this correct? Well we are not so sure and have been up all the hours crunching our own numbers.

Two things to say quickly before we release our own findings later this week or early next: –

  1. The report would include ‘Real Estate’ Classifications (i.e. corporate installs and other wayfinding and non advertising installations) as well as “Advertising’ Classifications. This is not a problem per se as it all forms part of the Total Addressable Market and should be included but it is important for those of us who focus on digital out of home to know what exactly is being measured
  2. Scala have been going a long time (20 years they claimed this year) and we would expect a lot of the installation data to date back, probably up to 10 years. The market share figures might not then reflect current trends and current thinking.

Having said that, this is not an all out assault on Scala or the Frost & Sullivan report – the latter as we said earlier has produced some good solid reports on our industry and we expect this report to be no different.

We believe that we know the European market place better than anyone out there and surprisingly were not asked to participate in compiling this particular report.

iSuppli asked us for help recently with there new report entitled “Global Digital Signage Supply Chain” (reported here) but were unwilling to pay for any data – err how crazy is that? No wonder some of these reports are inaccurate or don’t see the ‘big picture’.

“World Digital Signage Markets” and I think you can find it here

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