We Made The Ronin Lack Of Earnings Call

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Fame it seems is simply going to our heads as we made this week’s Wireless Ronin earnings (or lack there of) call…

Who said "I'm in daily doodoo so don't have time to read the dooh"?

Jack Fred, Discovery Investments asked and we quote “Just a couple of things, just a follow-up. Going back to the Thomson Reuters and I just want to kind of put it to bed the Dailydo<sic> had an article up there that you guys maybe losing that contract. It sounded based on what you’re saying today that’s just a yes?”

To which Ronin’s Scott Koller replied “I would say, I don’t read the Dailydo<sic>”

Jack is obviously erudite and knows what value DailyDOOH brings to the investment world. No doubt he was referring to our February 2012 post ‘Thomson Reuters Looking For A New Partner‘ where we repeated the rumour that Thomson Reuters were shopping around for, err a new partner.

Jack then said “Okay” and Scott Koller countered “That will put much credibility into it”.

I guess our Christmas Basket from Ronin must have gotten lost like the Intel invitation. Anyway, surely it’s no wonder Ronin are in such trouble if their executives don’t read what we have to say! Eh?

The full transcript of the call can be found here.

Transcript courtesy of Seeking Alpha who have (we think) one of the clearest and most sensible policies on the web – ‘You may quote up to 400 words of any transcript on the condition that you attribute the transcript to Seeking Alpha and either link to the original transcript or to www.SeekingAlpha.com‘.

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  1. Lee Iacocca Says:

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  2. mluby Says:

    So, what’s the status on the Thompson Rueters business?

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