Just Who’s Funding Whom?

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

While we ordinarily would not write about a web site, per se – and this may not help you if you are looking for Angels or Venture Capitalists to help fund your projects and growth – WhoGotFunded.com, a new site in private Beta development looks like it may give the Popular TechCrunch a run for its money when it comes to letting you know who actually picked up some funding and from where.

And it may give you some ideas of just who apparently does have money to spend.

The new site hopes to gather all the latest funding news first, displaying a list of funding announcements that it’s gathered from Twitter, web news sites, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

We understand that the site was founded by Digimind, specialist in competitive intelligence, data mining, and social media monitoring. It expects to publish about 100 to 150 new funding deals a day, based on more than 2 million news stories that it analyzes daily. It also shows detailed information about where the funding news appeared so that users can follow up and read more.

The company claims to be building the world’s most up-to-date database of funding events, to be updated every minute in real-time, providing information as it happens. It also plans to add analytics and metadata, eg. the industry and location. And it promises that those registered will be able to receive email alerts if a specific Funding Event takes place

There’s no date yet available, from what we can see, as to when it expects to be fully operational.

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