#ScreenmediaExpo Kontron Moving to Product Solutions

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Kontron is attending the show ostensibly to show its product line but also to spread the word of the company moving from strictly a product supplier to become one of a product solutions provider prior to its planned June 26 launch of DSEK 12.

“There are a lot of companies out there providing players, but we saw a way to grow by offering more than that,” says Kevin Rhoads, vice-president embedded products, Kontron America. “We saw that companies out there are trying to develop their own software, so we’ve found a way to help them get to market quickly with DSEK 12 and in doing so, also develop a niche that differentiates us from the basic player provider and a new opportunity for growth.”

DSEK 12 is aimed at the software developers for such companies by providing them with a player that already includes the basic software of three different companies: Scala, Omnivex and Flypaper with its Aim Suite. With DSEK 12, a company can use any one or all three of these in combination, customizing as it likes and, if it needs more, can contact these companies for further upgrades. Further, the prices, says Rhoades, “will be super low, about US$1,000 to $1,200,” the latter for a slightly higher version.

Further, the products will come with a full tutorial which can help the developers decide what content it will actually want, and a 180-day license, which should be more than enough time for potential users to develop what it wants. And will have box so it can be hooked into a desktop monitor for easy use rather than needing to be used on a wall-hung screen or similar.

The final pricing arrangements between the integrated product partners is still being finalized.

“We‘re no longer just selling a glass; we’re selling a glass with something in it,” says Rhoades, comparing his company’s move into being a product solutions provide. “We wanted to work with leaders in the industry to provide top products. The DSEK 12 will work on all verticals, and will basically be a common development platform.

“Our main clients for this should be divisions or companies that are doing application development. This will save them from needing to buy a lot of expensive hardware.

“We’re not trying to be everything to everyone. We want to change the way people go about developing a lot of stuff that’s already out there, and in doing so, differentiate ourselves in what we offer.”

The new product is expected to be pushed by Intel, all the partners, and Kontron channel partners Arrow and Avnet.

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