DOOH Insights: 2008 To 2012

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

To celebrate five years of industry insight from the chief executives of the world’s digital out-of-home networks, we are publishing a special book entitled ‘DOOH Insights: 2008 To 2012‘ (sub-titled ‘Five Years Of Executive Thought’). The table of contents is complete and we are now busy editing and bringing all the interviews up to date.

If you can remember this far back, it was on Thursday, January 31st, 2008 that we published our first ever CEO Spotlight, a certain Christian Vaglio-Giors from Neo Advertising in Geneva – like their countryman Roger Federer, Neo make being first a habit – they were the first to run an online banner advertising campaign on our (then) fledgling DailyDOOH site and the first here as well to agree to a full page advert in said book!

Due to regular and planned gaps, usually in August and December, we have ended up, almost five years later, with 38 CEO Spotlights published in our system and a few more to come before the feature’s anniversary in January, 2013.

Whilst in July we already covered Gerry Thorley, EYE Corp Pty Limited, Pyrmont, Australia we now know who else will be included in the last few CEO Spotlights before we go to print; Tim Bleakley, Ahmad Ouri, David Leider and Simon Sugar will feature in September, October, November 2012, and December 2012.

Printing will be done in September which means of course that the published book will contain several CEO Spotlight exclusives for the rest of the year (ie. what people have in their hands in print will not be available online for some time).

Interest has already been so high that we are planning a print run of 10,000. For advertisers the appeal is obvious – in the world of online, rarely does a quality print publication come along, and if you add in the physical distribution at a number of the most important (and exclusive) industry events over the next nine months you have something very special.

Distribution starts in October in New York with a copy being placed on every attendee’s chair at the DPAA Digital Media Summit on Tuesday 16th October and continues that same week at all the other events happening, including of course our Digital Signage Investor Conference, whilst back in London a few weeks later copies will be in the goodie bags given out at the DailyDOOH Gala Awards in November.

Anyone interested in advertising should reach out, in the first instance to,

2 Responses to “DOOH Insights: 2008 To 2012”

  1. Ian Dobson Says:

    might be fun to see where and what those CEO’s are doing now?

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Ian for sure we will be looking at (1) where those CEOs are now (2) how the companies have fared to date – at first glance as we look back we see seven that seem to have gone out of business, one that has been sold and one renamed ….

    We will re-visit all of that, with more editorial to make a very comprehensive document detailed five years of the DOOH industry.

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