Scarletmotion blowUP Media Relationship Comes To An End

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

West Midlands based national outdoor digital media company Scarletmotion Ltd just announced that it would be bringing management of its national sales in-house, drawing to an end an 18 month relationship with blowUP media UK Ltd.

John O’Hara, Director, Scarletmotion, commented “the decision to handle our national sales in-house is a positive move for Scarletmotion and reflects our commitment to ensuring our customers receive the high quality and tailored service that forms the foundation of our business.”

We last wrote about Scarletmotion back in January 2011 when Hannah Shire left Super-Novae who then represented Scarletmotion for national sales. If we have got our dates correct, that was it seems the time that blowUP media took over national sales.

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