Digital Place-Based Network Showcase, NYC

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

No indication of a date in this announcement from Exponation, LLC but frankly the event doesn’t make sense to Exponation, the industry or the networks they are trying to attract unless it coincides somehow with the now-usual big week in NYC – i.e the DPAA Media Summit on Tuesday 16th October, followed by our Investor Conference on Weds and Thursday 17th and 18th October 2012

The event is billed by Exponation, LLC as a unique and highly focused event designed specifically to give brand marketers and advertisers the opportunity to meet with a cross-section of digital place-based networks all in one place for the purpose of better understanding this new media phenomenon.

Whilst we don’t know a date, we do know that the half-day setting is to be located conveniently in mid-town New York early this fall (they mean ‘Autumn’ of course).

The event is aimed at allowing decision-makers who want better advertising efficiencies and more effective ways of getting their messages in front of hard-to-reach target audiences, the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a variety of digital network operators to assess alternatives and see how their peers have been using the medium successfully to promote their brands.

At the same time, digital place-based network operators will have the opportunity to showcase best practices of brand leaders by industry, provide coverage, demographic and audience metrics, as well as demonstrate how their networks can best address each brand marketer’s challenges.

Chris Gibbs, President of Exponation said “The Digital Place-Based Network Showcase is the only place that brand marketers will have the opportunity to put all the pieces together and cultivate the brand intelligence they need to be able to better integrate the medium into their marketing plans for maximum impact.”

The event will be limited to 50 network operators. For anyone interested in becoming a Showcase participant, they should contact Chris Gibbs, President, COO, Exponation

No doubt the DPAA will have between 400 and 500 for their Digital Media Summit and it’s likely we will have 250 for the Investor Conference

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