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Sign and Digital UK 2008

As several other people in the US state-side have said – there are far too many ‘digital signage’ shows cropping up at the moment.

I went to this ‘Sign and Digital UK’ [1]show earlier this year when it was simply called ‘Sign’.

To my mind, it is really a show for printers, sign makers, sign writers, print machine manufacturers etc but in 2007 it had a digital signage bit bolted on.

I wrote about it then at the time with my (old) Screen Forum hat on. The Digital
Signage Showcase (as I think it was called) was well represented with GOOD stands from Dynamax, Remote Media, 3M, Fairfield Displays, Nexus Media and a few other wannabees (all of the presentations from the event, apart from the ones from Dynamax are still up on the Screen Forum web site here [2])

My impression of the show was a negative one though and I believe poorly attended. I am not surprised that the show organisers have slightly re-branded the event (adding the “and Digital” text) but I am surprised to see Remote Media continuing their support of the event and taking another stand this year.

It’s being held on the 22nd – 24th April 2008 at the NEC in Birmingham but I can safely say that if you don’t attend you won’t miss anything of importance.

www.signanddigitaluk.com [1]