DMAF Announces First Ever Digital Media Forum, November 2012

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The Digital Media Association France (DMAF) has announced the creation of the first edition of its ‘Digital Media Forum‘ – the event will take place on 7th November 2012 in Paris and hopes to bring together the main players in the market: ad sales agencies, advertisers, media agencies, content providers, networks, suppliers, integrators….

The Digital Media market is already very mature in the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic countries, and in France is now gaining ground. France now has more than 500 companies in a sector that is growing rapidly. The stakes are high, screens are multiplying – there are now more than 200,000 distributed across the country – offering a new playground for advertisers.

The DMAF recently published the Observatory of Digital Media, which for the first time has analysed the size of the Digital Media market at a national level. It is therefore a year rich in events for the association and perfect timing to create the first event dedicated to digital media.

“For a market that was quasi-inexistent less than 5 years ago and that today generates turnover of over €120 million, this Forum is the most eloquent evidence of the dynamism of the sector” said Marc Ballu, President of the Digital Media Association France.

“The ambition of this professional gathering is also to fight the often erroneous image of this format of communication market and to establish its status as a stand-alone digital media – innovative and effective for advertisers” continues Marc Ballu.

When it published the results of its Observatory, the DMAF also underlined the fact that “the Digital Media Revolution was underway”.

This Forum could be a wonderful opportunity to illustrate this profound change and demonstrate the issues and benefits of Digital Media. This event will focus on interactivity, with a 360 degree vision illustrating the convergence of all of multi-monitor media that allow advertisers to reach their target groups.

The ‘Digital Media Forum‘ will comprise two areas: a plenary hall with presentations by large brands; and an exhibition space. The topics, the stakeholders and practical information will be available on the website of the DMAF from September onwards.

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