Nurlan Urazbaev, Digital Signage Media Expert

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

After eight (no doubt long) years it looks like Nurlan Urazbaev, former Director, Market and Media Intelligence and former Marketing Director at BroadSign International has moved on.

We had heard a rumour that he wanted to do something different and whilst we haven’t seen any official announcement from either party, his LinkedIn profile now lists him as Media and Advertising Specialist: Digital Signage Advertising, Content Strategy, Media Relations Nurlan & Co..

His new business offers: –

  • Full-cycle press-release production and distribution (writing, editing, approvals, distribution to wires and trade pubs)
  • Helping companies find the most efficient ways to promote and advertise their business
  • Professional writing for marketing, trade pubs or general press (magazines, newspapers, news portals)
  • Helping digital signage networks develop the right content strategy for their business model (define playlist length, content slot duration, type of content, content format/style, content copy writing, establish ROI criteria, ad effectiveness metrics, CPMs, CPAs, etc.)
  • Assisting digital signage networks in building their media sales workflow

So it looks like he will be making use of all his BroadSign experience and staying in the industry … I just wonder if he will start blogging?

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