Good Or Bad For DS-IQ?

Chris Sheldrake

We are big fans of what DS-IQ offer retailers and digital signage vendors alike but the news that Barnaby Page broke a few weeks back over on ‘Wal-Mart quits in-store measurement project‘ could either be the MAKING or the BREAKING of them!!

To remind you of the story; Wal-Mart in the U.S. is withdrawing from PRISM, the Nielsen-led measurement project (not Posterscope’s new online booking tool of the same name).

Wal-Mart participated in the test phase but as Barnaby wrote, the withdrawal is “consistent with a general reluctance on the part of Wal-Mart to share its data with outside organisations”

The announcement leaves the PRISM consortium without one of its highest-profile members (Kmart, Target and Walgreens are continuing to participate).

Wal-Mart is however expected to build its own metrics system into the rollout of its next-generation in-store TV service.

DS-IQ refused to comment on the story and what it means to them – you can’t read anything into that as Walmart like to keep a tight rein on what their suppliers say (and don’t say).

Walmart is actually doing quite well in this recession – the US press is full of stories along the lines of “As thrifty shoppers go back to basics, it seems that Walmart is getting stronger whilst many of its rivals flounder”

About DS-IQ

DS-IQ enables retailers, brands, and programming groups to understand and improve the effectiveness and relevance of in-store digital media. DS-IQ partners with leading network providers and retailers to develop more shopper-centric communication systems utilizing DS-IQ measurement and optimization technologies. Founded in 2003, DS-IQ is leading the development and use of scalable analytics and digital marketing for in-store media networks.

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