@X2OMedia X2O Portal Now Supports @OpenSplash

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Go visit X2O Media at #InfoComm12, Booth N1541 this week and you will see one more pioneering CMS vendor who truly sees how the digital signage industry is shaping up.

Yep, that’s right X2O Media’s Powerful X2O Portal which we raved about when it first launched (and took X2O slightly to task for not initially supporting OpenSplash) now, errr supports OpenSplash.

The release states that X2O Media, a provider of digital signage software and content services, announced that as part of its ‘Open Content Management Framework‘, the company has released an OpenSplash Player, which now fully integrates with the X2O Portal.

As you should know by now OpenSplash is a free, multiplatform, open-source media player designed to be driven by any network-based content management system. With the X2O Portal, OpenSplash users now have access to a comprehensive user management system that allows digital signage network administrators to manage content from a browser-based interface, define user roles and permissions, and limit access to specific portal features, player locations, and content. The new combined solution supports most industry-standard formats and protocols such as HTTP, SSL, FTP, XML, and RSS.

X2O Media President and CEO David Wilkins told us “We are excited to add OpenSplash to the rapidly growing list of third-party players supported by the X2O Portal.”

He added “For network operators, having a variety of players all controlled from one central content management system significantly reduces operating costs, while providing a wide variety of display solutions.”

The X2O Portal is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for managing and scheduling all content — including images, videos, graphics, and live data — from social media and other sources on digital signage networks of any size. By combining content management with network monitoring and customizable reporting features, the platform provides unprecedented power through a user-friendly, browser-based interface that greatly reduces the resources and time required to set up, control, and maintain a digital signage network.

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