Pre #dsj2012 Busman’s Holiday Part #1

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It is perhaps a bit of a busman’s holiday, i.e. a holiday (or vacation) during which one does something similar to what one does as work but this weekend in Shibuya, Tokyo has so far, been a digital signage collection gathering operation (and not ‘toy shopping’ as some loved ones at home would have preferred!).

Shown above is one of the highest quality LEDs we have seen actually deployed (the cynic in us says that they are usually the reserve of trade shows), which is lucky as they were seen, real close up, behind this window. There were about 12 modules and they were slightly convex.

The content was interesting and well put together; showing as it did, various items in the Mall (basement 1F, 1F etc. etc.) where they could be found. The transitions on the screen were good to – all very subtle.

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