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CBS Outdoor’s Digital Outdoor Campaign Winner of 2007 is…

… not suprisingly / again / please stop giving awards to this campaign just because it uses the DEPs…

…is 20th Century Fox’s Rocky Balboa as of course produced by Grand Visual.

See http://www.cbsoutdoor-alive.co.uk/campaigns/campaign/33/ [1]

Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good campaign, well thought out, great execution from Grand Visual and makes the most of the individual screens on the escalator panels but I cannot help thinking that a lot of the creativity is in the hardware itself.

The votes were cast by members of the general public – in 2008 let’s, as an industry, give them a lot more, different and exciting digital creatives to choose from.

Congratulations to Grand Visual anyway.

* Brand
20th Century Fox / Rocky Balboa
* Start date
Dec 2006
* End date
Jan 2007
* Format
Digital Escalator Panel
* Category
Entertainment & Media
* Description
10” Network Pack
* Overview
20th Century Fox came on board as a launch partner for the first roll out of the DEPs. They used three months worth of coverage to promote some key films during that period, these included; Rocky, Eragon & Night at The Museum. This campaign was one of the first to grasp the benefit of the ability to run sequenced creative across the screens – and they did it to great effect. The campaign won ‘Digital Campaign Poster of the Year’ at the Campaign Poster Awards and has since been used by many as a template on this format.