Tesco Screens Creative RFP – DEADLINE

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Remember that today, Monday 24th December is the deadline for (wannabee) suppliers to submit their Notice of Intent if they are interested in bidding for the Tesco Screens Creative RFP.

Unsurprisingly we had a lot of interest when we published it on Friday 14th December and fielded, and we are not exaggerating, half a dozen calls from the CEOs of major network providers and content suppliers. There is going to be a hell of a lot of interest in how the RFP ‘plays out’ and of course who eventually wins.

Whatever happens now, 2008 will usher in a new era for Tesco Screens, with a new content partner, very possibly a brand new approach on the channels and of course a lot of refreshed content.

We are also predicting that in 2008, Dunnhumby / Tesco will open up their network and screens (again, after the last attempt with JC Decaux) to 3rd party media brand / advertising material.

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