Tablet Usage And Measurement

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’ve learned that Nielsen now has a measurement system to capture iPad and other tablet usage that is being tested by large media companies in the U.S.

The move would add tablet data into a system with TV and PC measurement.

Also in the world of tablets, a May study from the Jumptap network of over 107 million visitors showed that the screen size of tablets doesn’t seem to matter.

In Q1 2012, the Amazon Kindle Fire had a higher click-through rate than the larger iPad. While tablets tend to have higher click-through rate than smartphones, screen size isn’t always a predictor of click-through rate. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note, and Galaxy S all had comparable click-through rates despite having three very different screen sizes.

And other data from comScore and Jumptap shows that ownership of tablets and purchasing on tablets is heaviest among older Millennials – those 25-34 years-old – and yet declines with age. Milllennials as a whole are the group most likely to be using an iPad while Baby Boomers are the heaviest users of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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