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Outdoor Plus Project #GetInFrame

Outdoor Plus [1] in the UK has just announced an interesting new study looking at how to optimise digital content to drive connectivity between large format roadside screens and consumers.

[2]Outdoor Plus is joining forces with Central Saint Martins [3], the world renowned centre of excellence for art and design, for a 10 week study to showcase how specific content can drive interaction between large format roadside screens, online and viewers.

Project #GetInFrame will make use of Outdoor Plus’ large format digital screens in London, with Central Saint Martins providing an ongoing set of creative executions – fashion, design and fine art inspired.

The campaign is based on real characters from the college, who reach out to consumers for creative and personal inspiration and utilises a range of interactive capabilities that the screens provide. At the same time a team from Central Saint Martin’s MA Design Communication programme will be monitoring response to the executions across a variety of digital platforms, including PR and social media and managing the creative content of the campaign accordingly.