Amscreen’s Digital Six Sheet Trial

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The UK’s largest Digital Media owner Amscreen are continuing to move into pastures new and has now told the world officially that it is trialling an outdoor digital 6 sheet at various sites across the UK.

Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar is quoted as saying “Over the last four years we have had great success with our in‐ store screens and there is still plenty more potential in this arena to expand upon. We are now exploring new opportunities by positioning outdoor screens with some of our new and existing retail partners to further maximise our reach. We look forward to seeing the results from this and hopefully rolling them out further.”

This is not news of course to DailyDOOH readers as we spotted one a few months ago and brought you exclusive pictures back then, see our post ‘What Are Amscreen Up To Now Then?‘ back in early May.

Still it’s an interesting development from Amscreen and it will be interesting to see how well it tests.

Many readers have said “remember Forecourt TV” and commented “look at what Primesight are missing out on” – think about their ‘Drive Buy’ network which they (Primesight) say allows targeting of petrol station forecourt audiences while combining the broadcast element of a ‘roadside’ campaign.

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  1. simon sugar Says:

    Big difference between Amscreen Forecourt & Primesight drive buy media is that we operate with company owned sites of (BP,Shell,Esso) which have no other competing media . Primesight work only with independents where there is plenty of clutter and competing media – we are also 100% Digital

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