DermaCARE Network On The Horizon

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We had a short chat with Phil Cohen, president of CARE Media Holding Corp. and vice-chairman of the Digital Signage Federation, yesterday and, while it wasn’t the original focus of our talk, we discovered that Cohen is readying a new network geared specifically for dermatologists’ offices across the U.S..

The new network, to be called DermaCARE, will join the KidCARE, PetCARE and Women’s HealthCARE networks that are in pediatricians’ offices, veterinarians’ offices and obstetricians/gynecologists’ offices respectively

“We’re currently testing in five offices,” says Cohen. “We’ll eventually put the network screens into about 100 offices and by Q2, 2013, will roll DermaCARE out to about 1,000 dermatologists’ offices.”

Cohen, whom we originally called to ask about advertisng to Moms in the US, told us that DermaCARE’s logo has just been submitted for copyright consideration.

“We’re moving slowly because we want to get everything right,” says Cohen.

Cohen told us that more than 80% of viewers of his three current networks are women and he estimates that 60% of those are Moms.

“Moms are the lowest viewers of TV next to college students,” he said. “They’re a difficult group to capture, but place-based networks such as ours reach them.”

“Further, most of our viewers go shopping after being in the doctors’ or vet’s offices,”
he said. “And it does result in sales. We have the measurement studies to prove it.”

Chances are that a lot of the patients in dermatologists’ offices will also be Moms!

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