It’s Millilitres (Not Millimetres) @Tensator, Dubai

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst some well respected industry analysts really don’t like the ‘Flat Lady’ we think she has a place.

Mind you, it’s so common now that no should ever lead with the word ‘innovation’ when talking about…

Shown above is the latest install that we have seen, this time in Dubai. Not much to write home about this one though – err other than the fact that this kind lady is informing everyone in Arabic as well as English about the fact that you are only allowed to take liquids on board with a maximum of one hundred millimeters capacity.

Yep, indeed we got that correct, she actually says (in English) millimeters instead of millilitres.

Remember we first coined the phrase ‘Virtual Mannequin’ back in November 2008

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