Amscreen Puts Kia In The Driving Seat

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The UK’s largest Digital Media owner Amscreen has today announced an ‘industry first’ deal with leading car manufacturer Kia that sees the launch of Amscreen’s new ‘Adlive’ platform.  

The platform, developed in‐house by Amscreen will give all 171 UK Kia dealerships the chance to personalise a national advertising campaign through advertising in petrol station forecourts for their local area that will help drive customers directly through their doors.

Adlive represents an extension of Amscreen’s local sales advertising platform ‘Linklocal’ by developing it for a national proposition. Adlive provides Kia and their local dealers the ability to modify a national advert to feature local content and then deliver this across multiple digital screens in petrol station forecourts all within a matter of minutes.

Individual dealers are also able to select their specific local catchment areas and plan varying weights of campaign all through a single online portal. 
The campaign, and platform represents the first time a brand has been able to instigate a UK wide digital campaign with a degree of locally controlled content. For the individual Kia dealerships, this provides a cost effective addition to local press and radio with minimum wastage, we are told.

Adlive marks another step on Amscreen’s ambition to bring the flexibility of online to outdoor advertising. Their recently launched FNC proposition (Flexible National Content) brought the traditionally online practise of ‘ad‐serving’ to Digital Out‐Of‐Home  ‐ a system that simply stores, serves and delivers but most valuably automatically tailors content for multiple locations.

Kia’s Dealer Marketing Manager, David Hart said “Driving customers to local dealers is key for us, and by using the Amscreen network, we are able to involve local dealerships in the advertising process whilst still maintaining a unified message. Working with Amscreen allows us to communicate our message to a large audience and ensures that this message is localised so that we can achieve the best results possible.”

Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar said “We’re so pleased to launch this platform with Kia – our huge weekly reach of 20 million adults in forecourts provides us the scale to be able to segment our portfolio to support Kia’s regional dealers ensuring messaging is locally relevant but maintains a consistent national brand presence. We’re confident this new Adlive platform and approach will translate well for a number of other brands in the future”
Amscreen Chairman Lord Sugar, said “Kia and Adlive are showing the true potential of digital outdoor by simply bringing the flexible targeting capabilities of online and combining it with the stature and stand out of digital out‐of‐home.  I hope to see our unique Flexible National Content and now Adlive platforms changing the way brands think about our business and outdoor as a whole”  

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