More On The New CoolSign Business

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The guys over at CS Software Holdings, LLC have been GREAT at answering all of the questions that people have been asking, we know for example that Barnaby Page at reached out to them as well as us and was duly rewarded, as we were, with polite, timely, informative replies – way to go new Coolsign !!!!

Bill Collins has promised to over CoolSign again for us shortly but in the meantime here are a few headlines that we think you mightl be interested in: –

  1. Brad Gleeson left Planar as Coolsign transitioned over to CS Software Holdings. Brad has been one of the stalwarts of our industry and to boot is probably THE nicest guy you will ever meet. He has a ton of skill, experience and a network that makes even me envious. He is sure to be snapped up shortly, if he hasn’t been already.
  2. We asked Sean F Milstead, Product Marketing Manager if the brand name Coolsign would be kept, he told us “For the foreseeable future, we will continue to market our platform under the CoolSign name” – we think that’s a good ides, there is a lot of brand equity in the name – i.e. it’s well thought of
  3. We were also told that almost the entire development staff that was at Planar working on CoolSign is moving over / has moved over to the new organization.
  4. Obviously past and future gaming customers of the CoolSign platform will be serviced by Bally Technologies. Outside of that caveat, CS Software Holdings assumes the responsibility for servicing all other CoolSign customers under existing maintenance contracts.
  5. We understand that CS Software Holdings will be reaching out directly to former Planar/CoolSign VAR’s over the next few weeks, with the aim being one would assume of discussing becoming VAR’s again. Current and future VAR’s, we are told, are going to be a key focus point for the new organization,
  6. CS Software Holdings believe VARs to be absolutely vital to supporting and expanding their customer base and as such they will be working on providing new programs to further assist VAR’s from sales/marketing, service and support, and all other aspects of a successful digital signage rollout.

We look forward to hearing more from CoolSign over the coming months and seeing them at some of the European shows shortly!!

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  1. curious Says:

    I see that Clayton the main SW Achitect has left to join VMware so wonder how that fairs for them?

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