S.M.A.R.T Report Focuses On Travel

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The July S.M.A.R.T. report from Millennial Media focuses on mobile advertising trends within the travel industry.

It highlights what travel brands are doing on mobile; which travel audiences are resonating with brand advertisers; how vacationers are consuming content; what travel centric purchases mobile users are making; and how travel brands can evolve their mobile advertising strategies moving forward.

From booking agents and sites to hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, tourist attractions, tourism boards, regional transit companies, and rental car companies, a wide variety of travel brands are using mobile advertising to reach and engage their customers.

Travel advertisers were particularly active in Q1 as they targeted mobile users with post-holiday getaway ideas and travel deals. Travel was the number three vertical on Millennial Media’s platform, ranked by ad spend, and grew 200% year-over-year. Of all travel campaigns, 59% gave consumers the option to download an app as a post-click action. This was significantly higher than the overall average among all Millennial Media advertisers.

Sustained In-Market Presence was the leading campaign goal for travel advertisers by a large margin. This included advertisers that were running app download campaigns. When targeting specific audiences on the Millennial Media platform, advertisers were three times more likely to target business travelers than vacationers. Vacationers use their phones for a variety of activities, and over 60% of survey respondents said they use their mobile device for accessing GPS/Maps, searching for local restaurants/attractions, and keeping in touch with friends/family back home.

Booking Agents and Sites accounted for 57% of the travel campaigns run with Millennial Media in Q1. Travel advertisers leveraged mobile to promote getaway specials and trip ideas for spring break and summer holidays. Hotels, Resorts, and Cruise Lines made up 18% of all travel campaigns in Q1. In anticipation of the summer travel season, a number of campaigns focused on brand awareness, while campaigns designed to drive immediate reservations allowed consumers to make reservations and book travel directly from custom mobile sites and apps.

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