The Week Ahead

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

When we were at Intel back in the 90’s our corporate marketing folks used to hammer home to us the mantra **’Satisfaction = Reality – Expectation‘ and as we left the office yesterday (Friday) we wondered if the week ahead was going to let us down or not – perhaps we had (in our minds) hyped the week ahead to be too good to be true!!!

Anyhow, ignoring that for a moment let’s tell you what we think the week ahead is going to bring…

  1. First off, we are expecting a bit of a Board shakeup at EnQii that may send ripples through the industry and (send) good people elsewhere!
  2. NRF starts tomorrow (Sunday 11th Jan) and there are bound to be a couple of surprise announcements as there always are!
  3. We have already stated that STRATACACHE are going to make a couple of pretty big announcements at the show – these we reckon will be technology acquisitions and investments!
  4. Danoo, too it seems are set to make a network expansion announcement on Monday or Tuesday as revealed exclusively here late last night.
  5. We covered the CoolSign announcement in some detail last week (come on tell us, does anyone cover announcements like this better than us?), helped mind you by the excellent way that CS Software Holdings handled their PR – interestingly, writing here, Bill Collins Principal DecisionPoint Media Insights said of the new CoolSign deal “This could be a very significant development for our industry” and whilst we don’t expect any more announcements from them this month, it’s an outfit to watch, in particular with regard the Titan CTA business.
  6. Posterscope are not going to take the launch of Neo Advertising’s BookingDOOH lying down and whilst we don’t expect any immediate announcements from them, we are exciting at taking the first look at a fully populated PRISM screen (i.e. when all the UK media data has been uploaded).
  7. It’s rumoured that signagelive are set to announce an interesting tie up with Exterity (something we believe they are (errr whoops, ‘were’) secretly planning on demo’ing at ISE) AND there are also rumours of two new distributors being signed up; one in the US and a pretty big one in the UK (‘big’ as in terms of the largest IT / And Microsoft distributor in the UK)
  8. There are rumours too of a TRULY GLOBAL experiential mobile ad-wearing campaign (literally) about to hit the streets – and the digital element could be absolutely huge!!

Lastly this week, we aim to flesh out a little more our post ‘Digital Signage Vendors, The A to Z Of…‘ in preparation for announcing the 2009 Top Ten at ISE on the 2nd February as promised.

Satisfaction = Reality – Expectation

Where ‘Reality’ is ‘Perception’, i.e. a a positive satisfaction occurs when perception overcomes expectation and vice-versa.

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