Samsung SpaceFest With @_MonsterMedia

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Monster Media has executed a 3D digital out-of-home advertising campaign for Samsung SpaceFest, a five day event held near the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City.

The 3D projection was a unique component of the event, which ran from July 18-22, 2012, and commemorated the arrival of the Space Shuttle Enterprise exhibit to the museum.

Monster Media set up a dome on a pier adjacent to the museum where SpaceFest attendees could step inside and experience a five minute virtual journey through space in 3D, complete with a liftoff, hyperspeed boost, space station dock and return to earth. Coordinated stereo sound accompanied the projection. The projection was free to the public and ran from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M., featuring approximately five shows per hour.

The custom content was developed for Samsung to promote its new line of SMART TVs, which were featured as part of the experience by acting as space shuttle control panels at the user level. Overhead, the dome provided views out of the spacecraft window, where stars, asteroids, planets and a space station flew by in stunning 3D.

The Samsung SMART TV 3D projection used a dome as its projection canvas, which reached over viewers’ heads, creating a more immersive experience

John Payne, president of Monster Media told us “More companies are turning to dynamic 3D projections as a way to make their campaigns cut through the noise and garner attention at events like SpaceFest”.

He added “This projection not only reinforced the Samsung SMART TV brand, but it also fit seamlessly into the event’s atmosphere and provided a fun and unique experience for SpaceFest attendees.”

Samsung SpaceFest featured more than three dozen exhibits, displays, and educational demonstrations including the 3D dome projection to honor aeronautics and space exploration past, present and future.

Visitors to the pier and museum learned about current missions in earth and space science, the rockets destined to take humans to explore the solar system, and the NASA research improving and enhancing aeronautics.

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