DFW @OutdoorAd Install (Still) Working Nicely

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Nice to see installations that were press released’ a while back (in this case the ‘Inwindow Outdoor Intel-based Experience Stations‘ that were first deployed in January 2012) still up and running…

It wasn’t exactly attracting huge crowds at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport but we quietly observed it from a distance (quite aware of the Hawthorne Effect) and saw a dozen or so people go up to it and take a closer look (some touched and interacted with it and some didn’t) in the space of an hour.

Of course the ‘Experience Station’ is running the Intel Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel AIM Suite) so they will be able to tell exactly how many people are going up to it (and should be able to tally that with those who interact). We’d be mighty impressed if they published those figures.

The ‘Experience Station’ was advertising a Lexus motor vehicle.

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