Partnership Delivering Interactive Content in Doctor’s Offices

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

ConnectiVision, Burbank, California-based out-of-home network, has partnered with Locbit, a San Diego-based technology company that applies unmatched intelligence to deliver hyper-local content onto digital screens.

Through the partnership, ConnectiVision will use Locbit’s powerful algorithm to auto-select and display the most relevant content onto its robust network of 300+ Internet-connected digital screens in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices and medical centers throughout the U.S.. ConnectiVision has operated this screen network, known as ConnectiMed, since 2009, offering custom content to educate, entertain and inform patients and others in waiting rooms and health care facilities.

By adding Locbit to its screen network, ConnectiVision improves its ability to ensure that advertising and other interactive content is timely, targeted and relevant. Regular content, such as television programming, will continue to stream on each screen along with newly-added Locbit content on a side bar with a standard 140-character ad and corresponding QR-code. Viewers can use their cell phone or other mobile device to scan the QR-code and interact with the screen. The content experience will then be delivered on the mobile device. This could be a game, coupon, mobile app, web page, and more.

“Our company is deeply committed to delivering products and services that are continually improving, which is why we are excited to utilize Locbit as a tool to improve our content 24/7 and in real-time based on a robust methodology” says David Tetreault ConnectiVision CMO.

Locbit is powered by a complex algorithm that factors location, context, time, and other factors, to auto-place content on hundreds of digital screens. The company has a connected network of more than one million dynamic ads from which the algorithm can select. As viewers interact with the Locbit content, the company’s algorithm learns over time to become even more powerful.

“Our system presents information when people are most likely to act on it,” says Boian Spassov, CEO of Locbit. “We reach people when they are out in the community making purchasing decisions. By presenting them with the most targeted, hyper-local content, they are most likely to act on it. That’s the power of the algorithm, which improves with every interaction.”

Henry Mauriss, ConnectiVision CEO, says, “The partnering of our organizations represents an exciting step forward for ConnectiVision Digital Networks. The interactive technology being provided by Locbit will not only enhance the current ConnectiVision viewers’ experience ten-fold, but the addition of this technology truly allows us to recognize our strategic goal of being one of the most unique and intuitive Away-From-Home Television offerings currently available.”

Locbit has already been proven on hundreds of screens nationwide in gyms, restaurants, kiosks and even digital billboards like the one at the U.S./Mexico border-crossing in San Diego which is seen by over 130,000 people daily. The ConnectiVision screens powered by Locbit are based in the metro Los Angeles region to generate revenue for both companies. Additional screens will be live in other networks nationwide through this partnership.

ConnectiVision is utilizing the Locbit analytics dashboard that presents usage data and metrics in real-time. This allows for improved management of each ad campaign. The Locbit screen content can be changed or updated based on screen- and location-specific analytics provided minute-to-minute. In addition to the current ad model, companies are developing more interactive content, which will allow the ConnectiVision/Locbit partnership to support patient feedback and two-way interaction as each medical office sees fit.

“Whether it is 10 or 10,000 people interacting with our screens daily, we work to deliver a valuable experience for each individual,”
says Tetreault. “Locbit allows to us to tailor and improve our content at an unprecedented level. We look forward to continue expanding this partnership and offering the latest in interactive and intelligent technology through our network.”

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