POPAI’s 2009 Annual Conference (London)

Chris Heap

POPAI’s annual Retail Marketing and In-Store Communications Conference is taking place in a couple of weeks time, on Tuesday 27th January 2009 between 09:30am and 03:00pm at 14 / 15 Belgrave Square, London.

Four key themes are being discussed, which include:

  1. The planning, success, criteria and outcomes of successful P-O-P campaigns
  2. The role of P-O-P in addressing the needs identified from shopper missions
  3. Integrated media planning – how in-store communications can take place alongside above the line media
  4. P-O-P as a brand building tool and the role of screen media in retail innovations.

Presenters come from a variety of retailer and POP interests. From the titles, the presentations from the Post Office being and telecom retailer, 3 look particularly interesting in terms of relevance to digital at POP:

Nicola Piercy, Agency Format Manager for the Post Office: ‘Translating the Post Office brand into the agency network’

David Cautley, Director – Retail Communication, Energizer Group: ‘In Store…the Road to Sustainable Display’

Craig Phillipson of Shopworks and David Bickett, Head of Retail Development at ‘3’: ‘Humanising the Brand’

Simon O’Mahony, Head of Marketing, Screwfix: ‘Building a Unique Front End in Retail’

We are also told presentations will also be made by 20th Century Fox and House of Fraser.

This is a good line up of speakers and worth attending if your interest lies in all forms of Point of Purchase, whether traditional, digital or hybrid although there are no dedicated digital presentations being made that we know of thus far.

Visit www.popai.co.uk for booking information.

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