signagelive Developing New Player API

Andrew Neale

We hear news that signagelive are developing a brand new Player API that will enable third parties to connect their own media players to signagelive’s existing cloud-based content management system.

They currently have a number of partners who are already doing this such as BrightSign and IAdea (and some that are yet to be announced).

This is driven by their belief that the PC in the digital signage marketplace is not the future, and low cost non-PC devices will in a very short time be able to meet the vast majority of requirements for a large scale network, even though their current flagship product is of course a Windows PC based application.

signagelive has decided this needs to change if they are to push the industry forwards and offer better solutions for a much lower cost.

They believe they can deliver a great CMS for a low cost, and that it is time for hardware manufactures to do the same – it shouldn’t be long before integrators realise that PCs in many cases add a disproportionate cost to the project and can be replaced by much lower cost non-PC hardware. ┬áThese solutions just need a CMS such as signagelive to control them.

They have created a proposal for the API interface and this is being reviewed by their launch partners, however they would like to work with additional partners prior to launch that can add real value to the project. They are primarily looking for companies whose products meet any of the following criteria:

  • Low cost devices
  • Non-PC devices who want to connect to a great CMS
  • Open Source projects – signagelive for example will be writing an OpenSplash connector as part of this project and releasing this with an open source licence (which we are very pleased to hear)
  • Requirements for unique and differentiating experiences – for example if anyone has a LeapMotion integration solution who needs a way to deliver content, monitoring and analytics
  • Android developers – there has been a lot of talk about Android: time for some solid solutions
  • HTML5 developers – The API lends itself well to creating HTML5 based media players
  • Solutions that require more than just delivery of flat media files
  • Really anyone…

Those that sign-up will be able to contribute to the design and functionality offered by the API and help to shape this product. signgelive are getting pretty excited about this, not just for the signagelive platform but they think for the entire industry.

They are working on social resources and supporting websites, and we are told that all pre-release partners will have exclusive access to these prior to a full launch.

All requests and comments should be sent to, and they will evaluate each request so please add as much information as possible.

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