Dot2Dot-MNN Partnership For Communication With Patients

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Toronto-based Dot2Dot Communications has made an agreement with Medical News Network to set-up and manage the company’s digital network in medical clinic waiting rooms and pharmacies across the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa.

Dot2Dot will now effectively and efficiently manage the network on behalf of MNN and work closely with MNN’s team on a daily basis. Using Ad Manager in conjunction with Scala Content Manager, the Dot2Dot services team will manage player inventory, administer sales contracts, schedule campaigns and content to specific locations, and provide detailed performance reports – including ‘proof-of-play’ for advertisers. This hosted network currently consists of 65 locations, and expects to grow to 150 by the end of 2012.

“MNN is proud of its collaborative efforts with medical industry leaders and business owners who are forwarding themselves through digital signage,” says Katrina Wroblewski, MNN’s operations manager. “MNN is constantly adopting current trends in technology to support businesses and advertise their message effectively,

“Through analytics provided by Dot2Dot Communications and Scala, MNN can better understand customer demographics and the effect a message has had on viewers,” says Wroblewski, “Essentially, it is transforming the way businesses communicate and market their brand in the digital age. We hope to continue to help businesses make that leap toward digital signage.”

Launched three years ago, MNN is wholly owned by Medical News Corporation serving Appletree Medical Centres, several large pharmacy chains, and other medical clinics. The idea is to inform customers about services, products and issues pertinent to patient healthcare.

As part of MNN’s total solution, it provides all equipment needed from installation, cabling and screens at no charge, and shares a portion of the advertising revenue with venues. It also offers the opportunity to run personalized ads on local screens, reaching over 120,000 monthly viewers.

“The Medical News Network is a great example of a successful ad-based network offering meaningful content in addition to relevant advertising,” says Andy McRae, generalm for Dot2Dot Communications. “Having Dot2Dot managing the back end using Ad Manager and Scala’s Content Manager allows MNN to focus on the on-screen product.”

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