Captive Indoor Media Is Now @Codigo

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Codigo LLC is the new name given to Captive Indoor Media LLC, based in Louisville, Kentucky, following the name change approval by the company’s shareholders and board of directors.

Brian Nutt, founder and CEO, says the change is a move towards both simplicity and individuality.

“We felt that our previous name limited us in many respects,” says Nutt. “Not only was it easily confused with other companies in the marketplace, but we were having difficulty creating a brand that allowed for the launch of new products. There are a lot of competitors in our industry that utilize the word captive in some way, yet our primary product was called Codigo. It was inherently confusing.”

The process to change the name began last February with the convening of an ad-hoc committee of employees from each company department. More than 200 names were presented before the committee finally settled on the one name that had always been on the list, Codigo.

“Over the past 10 years, we have built a brand around our digital signage product, Codigo,” says Nutt. “Every day, hundreds of customers log into Codigo. In fact, many of them already refer to us as Codigo. This change allows us to streamline our brand message and consolidate name references to what our customers have known us as for years.”

Codigo brings innovative media solutions to market so its customers can make a positive impact on the retail behavior of consumers in their stores. Though its history is based in the financial industry, specifically community banks and credit unions, Codigo also been involved in projects for major hotel chains, nationwide quick-service restaurants, college campuses, and healthcare facilities.

The company’s goal is to move forward with new, easy-to-use products and services that empower customers to inform, entertain, and market to their audience.

Codigo management says that it aims to deliver the highest quality online tools for its clients while offering a family-friendly, career-rewarding, fun environment for employees. These qualities translate to longevity of customer relationships, many of which turn into friendships and have ultimately defined Codigo as one of the fastest-growing companies in our region over the last five years.

“And,” it says, “we’re not done yet! We plan to innovate continually and do our best to make an impression on our industry, our employees, and our customers.”

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