Clear Channel Launches ClearVision Airport TV Experience

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Clear Channel Airports, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has launched an innovative new in-airport TV network called ClearVision, which features the best entertainment, news, music, and sports programming for travelers.

ClearVision, which will debut at Raleigh-Durham International Airport this fall, brings together top-tier news and entertainment programming, as well as customized sports and music, from over 100 content providers including CBS with offerings from CBS News, CBS Entertainment, CBS Daytime, and CBS Interactive, among others; NBC, with shows including The Today Show, Smash, The Voice, Grimm, America’s Got Talent and The Office; daily headlines from around the world from The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Live; and sports from the Tennis Channel with original programming like the travel series Destination Tennis and highlights from major tournaments like the French Open and US Open.

ClearVision is considered by Clear Channel Airports as the first real alternative in decades to CNN’s news-only airport network. Created through a partnership between Clear Channel Airports and connectiVISION Digital Networks, Burbank, California-based major digital media company, ClearVision provides airports, content partners, and advertisers with the ability to reach and engage air travelers – through customized content ranging from local news to top network shows and live events. Airports ultimately will be able to leverage WiFi services to provide travelers accustomed to on-demand content access to the ClearVision network on their smartphones, iPads, and laptops.

“ClearVision brings airport entertainment into the modern age and represents a true game-changer for airport advertising in the U.S.,” says William Eccleshare, CEO, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings. “It’s the latest example of how Clear Channel Outdoor continues to develop and deliver bold, pioneering solutions to the Out of Home market. Clear Channel Outdoor is committed to using technology to help our advertisers reach consumers as they travel throughout the U.S. and the world.”

“With the launch of ClearVision television, RDU continues its commitment to elevating our passengers’ experience,” says Michael Landguth, RDU’s airport director. “ClearVision allows us to tailor television programming to provide family-friendly viewing that offers everything from news and weather to sports and sitcoms.”

Raleigh-Durham International Airport is delivering this innovative TV network to its growing number of passengers. The airport is the gateway to the acclaimed Research Triangle Park, which is home to many of the world’s leading technology companies. The region the airport serves is also home to leading hospitals and universities, including Duke University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University.

“ClearVision will forever change the air travel experience for passengers and enhance the way the airport and advertisers engage with customers,” said Toby Sturek, Clear Channel Airports president. “For the first time, there is a content-driven, consumer-oriented offering available to airports that can deliver travelers a wide range of news and entertainment wherever they are in an airport – on traditional TV screens or their mobile devices.”

David Tetreault, chief marketing officer, connectiVISION, says, “Our goal is to provide travelers – especially frequent business travelers – a diverse, 20-hour-a-day programming lineup of top network shows, news, weather, and sports while enabling airports to deliver a customized TV station with local flare and programming. This unique Away-From-Home television solution is the first of its kind to provide premium programming designed to target, reach, and engage a world on-the-go.”

Licensed ClearVision content can be transformed into short-form ‘mini-sodes’ that will be woven together with local programming to create a localized sense of place for airport passengers and visitors. Content acquisition and licensing will be managed by connectiVISION, which enjoys deep relationships in the television, entertainment, sports and music industries. ClearVision will also feature innovative and adaptive airport promotions that will provide passengers with relevant concession promotions through pop-up advertisements.

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  1. seeking a clearer channel Says:

    Based on the lack of advertising success of CNN Airport, this doesn’t exactly sound like a great move for CCA. I believe 99% of all ads that you see on CNNA are bonus weight for national TV ad buys. Good luck boys.

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