NCM Media Networks Kurt Hall Speaketh

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

National CineMedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NCMI) operates NCM Media Networks, reach U.S. consumers in movie theaters. The NCM Cinema Network and NCM Fathom present cinema advertising and events across the nation’s largest digital in-theater network, comprised of theaters owned by AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) and other leading regional theater circuits.

NCM Media Networks‘ cross-platform marketing opportunities include big screen, in-lobby, online and mobile – each offering levels of engagement and interactivity you will probably find nowhere else and so we are really looking forward to hearing Kurt Hall, NCM’s chairman and CEO, as he tells the #DSInvestor attendees in New York about his business.

Perhaps in passing we will get more than that though – Kurt has extensive experience in the industry and you may remember that back in 2009, Kurt was instrumental in the restructuring of IdeaCast, Inc., and the merger of certain assets into RMG Networks and he remains on the board of directors of RMG Networks, Inc..

What is certain is that Kurt knows how to create value and achieve growth in business and we expect everybody, even the most seasoned executive, will be able learn from this particular session.

Kurt told us “I’ll try to focus on things involved in creating a profitable business model for digital out-of-home,” who will be speaking on Oct. 17, Day One, at 11 a.m.. “I’ll be referring to experiences that we’ve had at NMC and the relationships we’ve had with the various theatre circuits.” and he will also will be discussing the importance of technology in his sector.

Kurt tells us that he will be emphasising how important it is to have a relationship with venue owners that are financially aligned.

“We are all trying to do the same thing: entertain the people,” says Hall. “I’ll probably mention some problems that I’ve seen, not at NCM but with others.”

Denver-based NCM was founded in 2002 and went public in 2007.

Additional reporting by Gail Chiasson

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