DPAA Digital Media Summit Progress

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We had a quick chat with Susan Danaher, president of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, and Ryan Pogy, head of DPAA membership, as they get ready for the Oct. 16 DPAA Digital Media Summit in New York, as well as a DPAA Board meeting coming up even sooner, and a DPAA-sponsored booth at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference Oct. 19-13 in Orlando.

Ayuda's booth at last year's Media Summit in NYC

Right now, the busy office is concentrating on the exhibition area associated with the Summit. Bigger and better than last year, they hope, the space has been named the ‘Media Lab’.

“We getting comments from agency people that they wish that they could see in person some of the technological developments that we talk about,” says Danaher. “They want to experience things – see, touch, feel – like 3D, gesture, social and mobile usage, etc., so we’ve set up 20 spaces for exhibits.”

While NEC VUKUNET, Show Media, Ayuda Media Systems and Nielsen IMS have taken double booth spaces and others already booked include Captivate Network and GfK MRI, there’s still space for a few others to get in and show what agency attendees want to see.

Among other news – besides that of the agenda that we’ve already published, here’s a quick update:

  • The Summit will again be chaired by François de Gaspé Beaubien, chairman and chief coaching officer of Zoom Media and DPAA Board member;
  • Mike DiFranza, president and founder, Captivate Network, and DPAA Board member will be speaking in an as-yet-unspecifed spot in the still-to-be completed agenda.

And, not associated with the Summit comes news that several new DPAA members will soon be announced.

With all their activities, and an expected increase in Summit registrants, there’ll not be much sleep for Danaher and crew for the next few weeks, methinks!

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  1. Gary Klein Says:

    Looking forward to this being the best year yet. The sector and the Summit have really come a long way.

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