PDM And EnQii Join Forces (To Dominate Australia)

Chris Sheldrake

We broke the news to you early this week in our post ‘EnQii Win Big, Cisco And 3M Lose‘ that PDM in Australia had selected EnQii as their digital signage partner.

It’s interesting to note that the previous incumbent was 3M, who have now lost their biggest network outside the US and that the final head to head selection was likely between EnQii and Cisco.

With STRATACACHE seemingly snapping up all the Cisco head to heads in the US, they (Cisco) are not having much luck lately.

Anyhow, here’s the official press release…

PDM and EnQii join forces to dominate Australasian Out-of-Home Digital Media market.

Australia’s Number 1 in Out-of-Home Digital Media, PDM, and global technology leader, EnQii, have recently joined forces in a comprehensive partnership designed to conquer the Australasian Out-of-Home Digital (OOHD) media market.

The partnership will see PDM employ EnQii ‘Remote Transfer’ technology across its OOHD media networks, allowing PDM to upload, schedule and distribute content via ethernet to remote locations. In addition, EnQii will have exclusive rights to sell Acuity™, PDM’s patent-pending Out-of-Home Digital media management system, to all of its existing and new clients.

PDM Managing Director, Brian Craighead, says, “PDM own and operate the largest centrally managed network in Australia, and our growth has been driven by two factors – the quality of our technology and content, and our commitment to lead the market. After an extensive and rigorous evaluation process, it became apparent that EnQii’s technology platform was clearly the superior solution, and as such we are committing to the platform across our entire media network.”

“Our exclusive partnership will jointly increase expansion opportunities for PDM and EnQii into the Asian OOHD market. The combination of our offerings will together simplify and optimise the entire lifecycle of an out-of-home digital media network ensuring the growing number of Australasian networks will be planned and managed in the most cost and time effective manner possible in the market today” Says Craighead.

EnQii Vice-President Asia Pacific, Joe Rossi, says, “We have been aware of PDM’s outstanding work in the Australian marketplace for several years and are delighted EnQii has been selected as the technology partner to support their remarkable growth. We are also pleased to have secured the rights to PDM’s Acuity™software.”

He continues, “As a result of this partnership moving forward and our goal to dominate the Australasian market, EnQii have recently announced the opening of our Melbourne office which will help service PDM’s Australian clients.”

PDM will roll out the next phase of its Wellbeing media network during February. The deployment will consist of a further 95 pharmacies Australia-wide and will be the first of the PDM networks to employ EnQii technology.

Bottom line, this is a big win for EnQii and perhaps also a confirmation that Cisco are actually unable to compete in what we call the digital signage / digital out of home marketplace.

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