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@ADFLOWnetworks’ Mike Abbott Updates Us On Recent Wins

Last Friday we caught up with Mike Abbott, president of ADFLOW Networks [1]from his office in Burlington, Ontario, and had a chat about his company’s recent deployment in Wawa Inc. convenience stores that we wrote about last week [2] and other developments with the company.

[3]ADFLOW, owned mainly by Abbott and David Roscoe, CEO, has been around since 2000 as a platform provider with its own software (ADFLOW Dynamic).

“The company tends to keep low key, but has been active in various verticals,” says Abbott. “In Canada, we have worked with practically every wireless telcom company (except Bell), equipping new stores.”

“We are also active in other retail areas eg. Mark’s Work Wearhouse/L’Equipeur, Canadian Tire, and are getting into the C-store sector. And we are working more and more in the U.S..”

What is new is activity underway by ADFLOW Health Networks [4], a Fort Washington, Pennsylvania-based health network, also headed by Abbott as CEO and Roscoe as chairman, that is concentrating on digital units for testing blood pressure in drugstores.

While we have few details at this time, since Abbott prefers to wait until deployments are made successfully, we understand that ADFLOW Health Networks and SoloHealth Network [5], Atlanta, are expected to put digital blood pressure units in 2,000 Walmart [6] stores each. (Walmart is known to be already piloting these in New Jersey and Illinois.)

Also set to deploy this fall are similar units in the drugstores of Kroger [7], one of the largest retail food companies in the United States, by ADFLOW Health Networks in partnership with Stayhealthy Inc. [8] Monrovia, California.

We expect to get more news on these major deployments in the near future.