Adwalker with Guinness Promotions at Rugby this weekend

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have heard of Adwalker folks being at some of the Guinness Rugby Premiership games with their digital sandwich boards this weekend. We are trying to get some pictures for you.

Adwalker are based in Dublin and err, of course, so too are Guinness so it doesn’t take much of a genius 😉 to put two and two together and work out how this campaign may have got off the ground. Guinness of course are the primary sponsors of the Rugby Premiership in the UK.

It’s unconfirmed yet what the size of the deal / campaign is / was, and whether it was at all grounds, so will be interesting to see.

Guinness of course have been very happy in the past with their use of Digital Out of Home – Posterscope ran a Guinness campaign across 8 networks mid year.

Good to see them back using Digital again.

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