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Worldwide Rooftop Advertising Network Ready For Launch

We know this isn’t digital, and we question if it ever could become digital, but this new ready-to-launch out-of-home media for the global market seems to fit the popular criteria of trying to reach business travelers, so we felt it well worth mentioning.

[1]Glide Path Media, Montreal, has announced the first global rooftop advertising network, available initially at 100 major airports worldwide.
Glide Path ads will be placed on the rooftops of certain buildings in the flight paths of planes landing.

We aren’t talking small ads. These are 10,000 sq.ft. ads on patented modular structures, surrounded by LED lights to enhance the creative at night. The perforated mesh banners are UV resistant and can be printed in six colors to showcase the most creative ideas.

The rooftop banner frame is made from recycled PVC and galvanized steel. This structure does not penetrate the roof membrane and adds less than 1 lb. per square foot of load. The only part of the structure that sits on the roof is the rubber padded counter weights and rubber footings. Drainage is not impeded.

Each roof advertising structure is equipped with a webcam so that it can be monitored for damage and maintenance.

[2]The owners of Glide Path Media spent two years researching the flight paths for each of 100 airports, done with the help with a well known flight simulation company, as well as researching all buildings in those flight paths that are large enough and sturdy enough to support the advertising structure. A real estate company is helping the company secure 10-year leases with building owners.

President and founder of Glide Path Media is Peter Schissler, who is also the owner of Orca Direct Communications [3], a direct marketing agency, and who has 25 years experience in consulting, direct marketing and advertising.

Key partners are François Décarie and George Goulakos, both handling business development, advertising sales and brand strategy.

Décarie spent 25 years working primarily in the media, entertainment and sports industries. He developed partnership programs for Celine Dion, the Air Miles Program and Retail Media, as well as the the Olympic sales property at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. At the CBC, he managed commercial inventory for more than 800 hours of production on two Olympic broadcasts (Sydney 2000 and Salt Lake City 2002), where he created innovative sponsored content integration for his clients.

Goulakos worked sales and marketing for over 30 years. A veteran of television, he led CFCF/CTV sales department for 23 years. A specialist in brand building and creative media executions, he has also consulted in the food, health and wellness business.

“Ads on Glide Path Media are for awareness and brand building,” says Goulakos. “We have the potential to reach over 3 billion airline passengers across our global network, with a maximum exposure – seven to 12 seconds clutter free viewing per creative as flyers watch out the airline windows at the airport approach.”

The company is now ready to accept advertising. Rates vary depending upon the traffic at the various 100 airports, with a minimum of one-year contract as the norm.

Goulakos can be reached at g.goulakos@glidepathmedia.com