Our Sympathies To Accent And The Sign Community

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We express our sympathy to the staff of Accent Signage Systems, Minneapolis, and to the members of the International Sign Association, as well as the family of Reuven Rahamim, Accent owner, and the families of other victims of a tragic shooting incident on Sept. 27.

Rahamin was killed, along with a UPS driver and Rami Cooks, Jacob Beneke, and Ronald Edberg. The latter three are believed all to have been Accent employees.

In addition, John Souter, Accent’s director of operations, is is serious condition, and Eric Rivers, production manager, is in critical condition.

A sixth person is also dead. He is believed to be the alledged killer and was apparently an employee at Accent until recently.

Accent is a member of the ISA, an organization that has been seeing much more focus by its members on the digital side of the business, and we are sure that Rahamim was known and will be missed by many.

A tragic situation indeed!

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