NanoLumens At TIFF For Charity

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

It seems like Norcross, Georgia-based NanoLumens is showing up just about everywhere these days.

This time, it was at the Artists for Peace and Justice fundraising event encouraging peace and social justice during the recent 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Since they were throwing a fundraising event that brought together a collection of the biggest names in show business, the organizers felt that they needed a display setup that shone as bright as the guest list. Therefore, they decided to use two NanoLumens 114” NanoSlim displays to show the entire crowd the on-stage action that included several musical performances.

The event included a musical performance By Arcade Fire that was seen by all that attended, thanks to the two NanoLumens displays that were set up on both sides of the stage.

According to David Weatherhead, vice-president of APG Displays, NanoLumens’ Canadian distributor which arranged the event, NanoLumens’ displays were the perfect choice for the event, due to their size and energy efficiency.

“Because the event was held in a tented venue on the lawn of a large estate, power consumption was a concern, since we were using a generator,” says Weatherhead. “NanoLumens displays not only require low power, but also are capable of incredible brightness, providing everyone with a beautiful and clear picture.”

The crowd, that included actors, musicians, and philanthropists, helped raise over $500,000 within just four hours to help build schools and art centers in the slums of Haiti.

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