Another DOOH Planning And Buying Tool

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Real soon now, we may have to start a directory of directories and a directory of planning and buying platforms – especially if we get any more online announcements!!!

Here we see ADCENTRICITY, one of the more respected ‘aggregators’ in North America launch ‘ADVenue’

Unlike Neo’s we haven’t had a chance to log into this one and have a play, so our ‘take’ on it is simply from the press release, a quick email conversation with Rob Gorrie and ADCENTRICITY’s reputation.

ADCENTRICITY’s new platform currently consolidates over 130,000 screens in over 200 DMA’s and over 70 venue types.

At launch, ADCENTRICITY are stressing three key elements that they think marketers (at least those already making use of the space) will value…

  1. The ability to truly understand by region and venue type, which geographies and venues are a perfect fit for campaign and business objectives, supported by census, association and third party data.
  2. The ability to set priorities for a plan, such as defining tighter targeting on a desired audience or larger reach, including the ability to automatically assign priorities based on a defined budget across tens of thousands of venues.
  3. The ability to plan local and buy national. Marketers can now build national plans and buys, DMA by DMA, allowing for different plans in markets, under the same consolidated annual or campaign plan.

Rob Gorrie, ADCENTRICITY’s President told us “ADVenue is backed by an incredible amount of supporting data, including integrated census information, making in-depth media decisions possible.”

He added “Where ethnography has had an enormous impact on more recent planning decisions, ‘Topographical’ advertising, literally translated as ‘place writing’, has the ability to connect brands and consumers, in-context, like no other medium,”

We guess that you simply have to know where to look and how to speak to them (the venues and networks).

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