Has Intel Been Buying Ryarc IP?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps Intel strategy was set at Oktoberfest?

It’s hard to fathom who makes up Intel’s strategy these days (or even if they have one – let alone, a sensible coherent one) but rumours abound that Intel has recently acquired some IP from Ryarc Media Systems.

Ryarc are those folks down under who are big into Microsoft (and haven’t been heard of in several years). They also used to have the Eye Corporation contract pretty much sewn up until Ayuda Media System proved to Eye that they could do everything, that a billboard operator needs, perhaps a little better!

If Intel thinks it makes sense to create their own full solution that consists of a high end PC, digital signage software, and their AIM software then they will certainly be pissing off a lot vendors in the software community.

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