Time Travel 4 Proof of Play From @AyudaSystems

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ayuda unveiled, on their Media Lab booth at the DPAA Digital Media Summit two weeks ago, a new product that effectively raises the bar for the kind of Proof of Play that roadside digital out-of-home operators can provide to their agencies and buyers.

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda Media System, easily excited of course, told us “We’ve created time travel for proof-of-play!!!”

The product is called Rewind and it’s a new add-on to Ayuda’s acclaimed interactive proof of play website, which records and intelligently annotates webcam feeds from digital roadside billboards, automatically creating ‘hotspots’ to which DOOH buyers can jump back in time and view.

Rewind is likely, the most intelligent and user-friendly way of determining whether dynamic content has played – it works on top of third party existing digital signage players or Ayuda’s own Splash player (a component of course, of Ayuda’s complete media owner platform that covers all elements of the workflow from sales, scheduling, proof of play, to invoicing and business intelligence analytics).

Andreas stated “Rewind solves the problem of proving that dynamic content has indeed played. Most proof of play products today only generate play log summaries, providing no insight whatsoever as to whether the dynamic portion of the content has appeared onscreen and composited successfully. For example, if an advertiser buys a DOOH campaign whose creative incorporates real-time scores from a third party source and is overlaid on top of an ad, traditional proof of play will not prove that the scores were pulled in and composited correctly. We need to drill deeper, which is what Rewind does. It achieves this by storing video feeds from ubiquitously available cameras on digital billboards and providing a software experience that automatically indexes the feed and lays markers on a video timeline that attracts users to hotspots where the dynamically pulled content was supposed to update.”

He continued “Dynamic content is all the rage today. Advertisers use Digital OOH to convey much more than just digital copy changes, with campaigns that range from showing you what’s currently playing on the radio, to showing you the latest real time sports scores, and can engage you with real-time social content. True POP for the dynamic part of the content can only be demonstrated via live webcam feed, but 3G limitations on roadside billboards would saturate the bandwidth if multiple buyers login to view streaming feeds. And simply recording the feed for later viewing is not the answer because no one wants to scrub through hours or days of video.”

We reckon that Rewind together with Ayuda’s interactive proof of play website represents the billboard community’s most advanced proof of play solution, and looks like it offers unparalleled levels of transparency and compliance to the media buyer.

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